【For Japan Residents】
The Open Call for APAF Exhibition 2019 participants
(Deadline 6/12)

For the Tokyo Festival APAF – Asian Performing Arts Farm 2019, we are seeking participants resident in Japan. We accept applications from people involved in genres other than theater. Please apply if you are interested in creating theatrical pieces with overseas artists.

From APAF Director

“APAF Exhibition” is a place where artists from the next generation of performing arts in Asia will explore, create and present the possibilities of performing arts with transcultural and different backgrounds. This year, Filipino Director Issa Manalo Lopez, who participated in the APAF Workshop for International Collaboration last year, and Choreographer / Dancer Tomohiko Kyogoku who lives in Hyogo create this Exhibition with members of East Asia including Southeast Asia and Japan. Together with multicultural background members, what will you see, and what can you see “together”? Let’s step into the Asian Farm from Japan.

Junnosuke Tada

From APAF Exhibition Directors

I am interested to experience this collaboration with Tomo to see how our diverse methods will come together and discover where this conversation will lead us. Truly, international collaborative work is challenging because it demands artist-collaborators to sense and adapt to the group dynamic, constantly negotiate making joint artistic decisions and manoeuvre gaps in language translation, differences in culture and working process. But it is most fulfilling. It is important to be compassionate but also straightforward in these conditions. We need collaborators who can handle demands in time, focus, quick creative thinking, complex analysis and most importantly open to constant changes. In this project, one must face one’s personal history with honesty and be brave enough to share it.

Issa Manalo Lopez

This is my first time to collaborate with Issa, but both of us are artists who work together by facing each person, so this collaborative work will change greatly depending on each individual performers’ actions; the responsibility of each person is large, that might be challenging for members. It is hard to create internationally and in particular, I do not want to create a work that just connects the talents of the performers together, so the prospective participants need toughness to enjoy stress. Furthermore, I would like to share our creation with a person who can keep the question more honest than the clear answer. Because I believe that asking a question is as rich as a good answer.

Tomohiko Kyogoku

The Profiles of APAF Exhibition Directors

Issa Manalo Lopez
Theater director, actor, and filmmaker. She creates one-woman autobiographical performances. Her last solo performance was about depression “I : Underwater” and was featured in a Theatre Festival on Mental Health. Prior to this, she performed “I” a her-story vis-a-vis the socio-political context of the Philippines under Marcos’ Martial Law until the present. Issa advocates for the empowerment of women and creates socially engaged works. She co-directed Virgin Labfest’s Labor Room, exposing conditions in a public maternity hospital, and devised COLONIZE(D): Duet on Identity & Intersectionality with American Siobhan O’Loughlin, examining empathy in a post-colonial context. She directs documentary-theater performances such as “KAPIT: stories of Haiyan survivors” and “Ang Mga Naiwan” testimonies on Extra Judicial Killings. Currently she is devising a performance on food “Negros Food Project”.

Tomohiko Kyogoku
Dancer, choreographer. Head of “Tomohiko Kyogoku Dance Project.” Director at “Kyoto Dance Creation,”a place for interchange and performance among young writers. After studying at the Department of Performing Arts at Kyoto University of Art & Design, he worked as a choreographer on both the national and international scenes. His solo dance performance Cairo was performed in 10 cities across 4 countries. In 2015, he took a residency in Vienna as part of a foreign training program by the government of Japan’s agency of cultural affairs, in addition to performing in China, Mexico, and South Korea. Alongside these activities, he works at elementary schools, middle schools, and universities, giving special lectures and workshops.

Principle program information and schedule (planned)
Period: 26 September – 30 October, 2019
From 26 September, 2019: Rehearsal period (Venue: Suitengu-pit)
25 , 26 October, 2019: Performance (Venue: Theatre West, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatrer
27 October, 2019: Speeches and presentations at wrap-up event taking an overall look back at APAF Exhibition.
27 October, 2019: Attendance at APAF Lab. public presentations
30 October, 2019: Attendance at Tokyo Festival programs

Recruitment summary
Following pre-selection, directors will be interviewed and performers will audition.

Process up to interview/audition
Application deadline (12 June) → Pre-selection → Notification of results of 1st-round selection (16 June) → Interviews/auditions (19 June) → Notification of results (the last decade of June)

Who is eligible
– Artists resident in Japan such as actors, dancers or artists in other genres with experience of appearing in at least 5 works, who want to collaborate with overseas directors and actors, or artists in other genres.
– In principle people aged 18 – 35
– People able to participate in all schedules/program contents between 26 September and 30 October
(Note: While interpreters for Japanese-English ​​will be available during the program, in many cases English is used for communication, particularly between performers).

Available places
A few places available
※We plan to hold the exhibition with approximately 6 participants from Japan and overseas, including mainly Southeast Asia.

-Interpreting in Japanese-English during the program
-Performers will receive a separate director fee payment ¥200,000- (TBD) including daily allowance.
-Those coming from distant locations in Japan should contact us concerning the costs of round trip transportation to Tokyo/Ikebukuro and accommodation.

Summary of interviews and auditions
Date and time: 19 June, 2019
Applicants who pass 1st-round selection will be notified of starting times.
Applicants must pay any commuting expenses yourself to get the audition venue.

Venue: Zoshigaya Community Cultural Creation Hall, 3-1-7 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (inside Chitosebashi Kyoiku Bunka Centre)

Directly connects to Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Zoshigaya Station Exit 2
17 min walk from the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station, JR Yamanote Line
2 min walk from Kishibojimmae Station, Toden Arakawa Line

How to apply
Please fill in/attach the following information to the special form on the APAF official website.

Please send the information:
・Affiliation (if any)
・Profile, principle work experience/activities (*Please fill in Japanese AND English)
・Contact address with postal code (in Japanese)
・Daytime phone number
・Email address
・Reason for applying (*Please fill in Japanese, in about 400 characters)
・English Competence ​​(Please state your level [basic user / independent user / proficient user], qualification, score, etc. If you only speak Japanese, please say so.)
・The URL of a video of a work you have performed within the last 3 years (Please use a video-sharing service such as YouTube, and set access rights as necessary).
・Portraits (1 upper body shot AND 1 full-length standing shot taken within the last 6 months, in jpeg OR pdf files)
・Any special mention to be told to APAF Office

*Your personal information will be handled as strictly confidential, and will not be used for any other purpose than to contact you about the program.

APAF2019 APAF Exhibition Application form

Application deadline
12 June, 2019 (11:59 p.m. in Japan Time)

Notification of results
You will be informed of the results of pre-screening, and details of the interview/audition day by 16 June, and of the final selection results by the end of June.

*As a general rule you will be notified of selection results and various other matters by email. Please ensure devices such as computers and mobile phones are set to receive messages by email.

Contact Us
APAF Office
MAIL: apaf@tokyo-festival.jp
TEL: +81(0)3-4213-4293 (Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm)

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