Workshop for International Collaboration

APAF 2018 Workshop for International Collaboration

A workshop where young Asian artists gather together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on small pieces on a selected theme. This year, participants will fully create and present three 15-minute original works on the theme “Violent,” as chosen by APAF director Junnosuke Tada.


■Workshop Recitals (3 pieces)
Date: 2018 Nov. 10 (Sat) 17:00- / Nov. 11 (Sun) 13:00-
Venue: THEATRE WEST, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre [ MAP ]
Admission Free, Reservation Required

【Reservation】Please click desired date and time.
Nov. 10 (Sat) 17:00-

Nov. 11 (Sun) 13:00-
Duration: 90 min.(TBD / including stage set change)

Date: 2018 Nov. 11 (Sun) 15:30-
Duration: 90 min.(TBD)
Venue: THEATRE WEST, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre [ MAP ]
Admission Free, No Reservation Required


Tomohiko Kyogoku (Japan)

Issa Manalo Lopez (The Philippines)

Dendi Madiya (Indonesia)


Paopoom Chiwarak (Thailand)

Pei-Ching Hung (Taiwan)

Tomoko Kurihara (Japan)

Chen-Chih Liao (Taiwan)

Jared Jonathan Luna (The Philippines)

Natsumi Mase (Japan)

Olive Nieto (The Philippines)

Fitri Rainy (Indonesia)

Takaki Terakoshi (Japan)

Masaki Tsuruoka (Japan)

Jit Yang Tung (Malaysia)

Hanako Wada (Japan)

Wei-Chen Yang (Taiwan)


※Yu Kitagawa, who was planning to appear on workshop recitals, was compelled to cancel the appearance due to an injury of her foot. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Stage Manager: Hiroo Nakai(Stage Work URAK)
Assistant Director: Kozue Ito, Gaku Nishi, Takeshi Ohashi
Sound: Masashi Wada
Lighting: Yuho Shimada(LST)
Photography: Kazuyuki Matsumoto
Video Documentation: Kazuomi Furuya