【For Japan Residents】The Open Call for APAF2019
“APAF Exhibition” “APAF Lab.” participants

The Open Call for APAF Exhibition 2019 participants (Deadline 6/12)

【For Japan Residents】
For the Tokyo Festival APAF – Asian Performing Arts Farm 2019, we are seeking participants resident in Japan. We accept applications from people involved in genres other than theater. Please apply if you are interested in creating theatrical pieces with overseas artists.

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The Open call for APAF Lab. 2019 Participants (Deadline 6/24)

Tokyo Festival APAF (Asian Performing Arts Farm 2019) will be running APAF Lab. Participants from Asia who are active in the field of performing arts, selected through a public call for participants, will stay in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Tokyo, Japan, for about one week each, to deepen their understanding of their mutual awareness of issues and approach to creating performative works through theater, listening to lectures, visiting art spaces, workshops, and discussions.
* (To non-residents in Japan who are willing to apply) Please contact APAF office directly.

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